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Red Line - Candy Floss Dreams

Red Line - Candy Floss Dreams

This piece speaks of an escape from the mundane. A chance for the viewer to float away on a cloud made of candy floss to somewhere where the skies are always blue and anything is possible.


Fine Art photographic print, professionally giclée printed on museum quality, cotton rag paper using archival pigment ink. Signed, numbered with certificate of authenticity. 'Candy Floss Dreams' is a series which I created to explore the idea of a reimagined world.


I wanted to invite the viewer to step into my dream world with me, a place far away from the trials and tribulations of modern society. The sight of candy floss transports me back to memories of a happy childhood and the sheer delight of being presented with a wispy cloud of spun sugar. It always felt like carrying a cloud of joy.


In this piece I have used a combination of photography and digital collage.

Print size 50 x 50 cm.


35 x 35 cm (Edition of 100)

50 x 50 (Edition of 50)

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