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British Gothic - I Hear Rwanda is Lovely This Time of Year

This digital collage piece was created to invite the viewer to explore and question the narrative in focus. Holding a magnifying glass on to modern British Society.

I have taken a well known image and reimagined it using the features of two well known politicians (Boris Johnson and Priti Patel). I wanted to explore this concept of insular Britain. The eshewing of traditional British moral values (Democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs), a shift from collaborative problem solving to a rewriting of the playbook. A return to witch hunts, Bogeyman and ritual human sacrifice.

This piece has been chosen as a top pick at the Woolwich Print Fair 2022 by both renowned British artist Gavin Turk and Fair director Lizzie Glendinning.  Work can be purchased online until 13 Nov 2022.


British Gothic Proof - I Hear Rwanda is Lovely This Time Of Year.jpg
British Gothic - I Hear Rwanda is Lovely This Time of Year: Bio
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